Charlene Bachmann : Abstract Expressionism

After an eight month hiatus ARTBAR is back with big bold colors!  Even though we would love to see everyone, ARTBAR will be doing a virtual tour of the exhibit through photo and video.   ARTBAR will also take appointments to see this exhibit in person while taking all necessary precautions.  Call Allie at 845-338-2789 or email to set up an appointment!

This exhibit features all works by Charlene Bachmann.  This series of work is an abstract expression of internal and external conflicts that we face as human beings interacting in the modern world.  Social and emotional states are depicted via the placement of organic and angular shapes, black bordering lines and bold and often vibrant colors.  The incorporation of lines of varying thickness to help separate and define certain images while retaining an organic flow is somewhat reminiscent of Chinese brush painting.  At times the black lines become more than just a border and they emerge as an integral part of the piece beyond initial intentions.  The result is a symbolic expression of our attempts to contain our emotions yet not always succeeding.  Picasso’s abstraction and Matisse’s implementation of patterns are clearly influential in some pieces as is a hint of Chagall’s dreamlike states.

Charlene was born on Long Island, New York, Charlene is primarily a self-taught artist with a strong interest in various mediums.  Her works include acrylics, oils, watercolors, pastels, ceramics, sculptures and a large series of mixed media works.  Education on specific mediums was achieved by taking various workshops and continuing education classes over the years.  She holds a Masters Degree in Art Therapy from the College of New Rochelle and she is a registered Art Therapist with the Art Therapy Credentials Board.  Charlene currently lives and works in the beautiful Hudson Valley.