Fantastic Fibers

Opening Reception:
Saturday, August 3rd, 5 - 9 pm

Kat Howard is the featured artist, complimented by multiple other fiber artists. It's an explosion of texture that you won't want to miss!!!

Group exhibit artists: Sienna Martz, Marieken Cochius, Emily Glascott, Holly McCabe, Emilia Stern, Denise Giardullo, and Nicole Saunders

Kat Howard earned a BA in Creative Writing and Art History from Brandeis University in 2006, and worked at the Whitney Museum of American Art until 2010, when she left the museum world to pursue MFAs in Poetry and Studio Art, which she received from Mills College in 2013. Since graduating, she has been working as an independent artist teaching and exhibiting her art. She has been featured on DesignSponge, Houzz, and Architectural Digest. Kat makes fiber art that addresses the history of the persecution of the female body, through which, she interrogates her own identity as a survivor of physical and sexual violence. Kat lives and works in Kingston, New York.

Kat Howard:
This collection is inspired by the history of women when their voices were controlled and their bodies restricted by corsets, veils, nets and crinolines. It is an interrogation of the lasting effects of trauma and my own identity as a survivor of physical and sexual violence. Through my abstractions, I want to capture the fight to break free of these constraints, both physical and psychological.